My poems

My Poems

For my English assignment I decided to write various poems discripted from the theme reality.
Oh, and if you were wondering, I achieved an A :)

Meaning beyond seeing,
Reality underneath image,
What lies beyond expectations?
Reality or a dream?
Thirst for knowledge, understanding;

Image awakens thoughts,
Provokes opinions, perspectives;
Society manipulates minds,
And awaken changed thoughts.

Reality dawns each day,
Right in front of us;
What cannot be controlled but faced,
It is the given moment beyond meanings.

What is beyond image?
What is beyond reality?
Unknown answers but imagination.

Questioning reality
Evolves reality,
Look deeper;
It may be a dream.

What is the truth which we all seek?
Is it meaning for our existence?
What is the purpose of creation?
Many search for the answers;
But we continue living without knowing truth.

Our own reality
I am standing still in time,
Reality floats by passing, floating in the sky.
Memories are lost in our minds,
We will never know the truth upon lies.
Are we awake or half awake?
Controlling the steps we take,
We create,
Our own,

Look deeper our minds
Look over the mountain and see what's on the other side,
Look throught the tunnel and see what's on the other side,
Look into someone's soul and see what's hidden inside.
Look deeper in life and find a meaning.
The beauty is unleashed by overcoming understanding.

Behined the painting
I examine the beautiful painting hung upon the wall.
The strokes, colour, the beautiful depth sitting behined the lines;
The meaning onserved throught my piercing eyes.
Overwhelmed with such knowledge, I find understanding of the artist;
And his point of view and take on life.
Every painting has meaning;
I look within the obvious and observe the unspoken, see the unseen.
The truth about reality is unanswered but can be imagined.
Art is for granted, truth lies inside each image and expressed in any medium.
I am shown a meaning for life, inside someone else's mind.

Unknowing each day
I awake each day,
Not knowing what is to come.
The unknowing for what is about to happen.
Fearing time once regretted.
Looking back into the moutains of memories.
All is lost, time to move on forth.
It is time to face reality and I am prepared.

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