This post I have decided it to be a massive rant.

I'm not going to mention any names, but there's this girl (whom I used to work with) and she seems to be somewhat into the whole fashion industry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this except the fact she insists that everyone in Adelaide has no style whatsoever. Honestly I have been reading her blog, well checked on it twice and it's a bunch of crap. I have nothing against her but what her perspectives are and the way she showcases it online. Fashion is NOT about having designer or in her case everything possible posted on tumblr items. She clearly states that Adelaide is behind in fashion and that 'majority' of girls have no sense of style and just follow trends. Um, right. Fashion is about freedom of expression, dress how YOU feel comfortable, OR what you wish to wear. Who cares if the style is from 500 centuries ago or 6000606 girls already wear the style, make it work, rock it and whoever complains is just envious.

Some people seem to have stick up there ass, and need someone to take it out kk


Went to Brisbane on Monday to do some shopping, finally! But instead we got lost trying to find this Irish pub that honestly I could care less about. Also dyed and cut my hair the following day just as Queensland’s weather decides it wants to become more tropical. Some positives of Brisbane is that there are a variety of different shops and boutiques with reasonable prices. A pleasant change from Adelaide's shopper atmosphere. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything to buy but I’m thinking of replacing my IPhone 4 for the Samsung nexus or s2. Another positive of Brisbane is the good-looking males walking around!

Mums 'Egyptian' perfume she purchased from the beach markets. 

 Yummy wedges, but so damn expensive for a limited amount. I want more wedge wedge!!!


Tried the green tea Frappuccino at Starbucks today; the taste was somewhat too sweet for my likings; I am more of a savory person. I enjoyed it but I couldn’t drink the entire humongous cup so Daddy had the rest. He quite enjoyed it actually, didn’t think he would. I brought a tumbler from there as well, thought it would keep in handy for winter days at school! Now I can bring hot chocolate or even chicken soup to school. The design was also very appealing another reason why I wanted it, most tumblers seem to have a somewhat tacky or bland coverage.
I didn’t take many photos today because we did not go anywhere special, just the usual shops right under our hotel room.

Here are some extra photos at the "glorious" waterfall near Tambourine. What waterfall? It was dry and it was like little sprinkles of water falling from like two huge rocks.. Nothing really special although there were naked men swimming in the rock pool <3___<3 

Queensland is very scenic, so much too view and do but little time. So far I’ve been having a great time here and most defiantly don’t wish to go back. I guess I’m using this vacation as an escape from the immense stress that will be occurring in my life when I get back. My last year of High school is approaching rapidly, and as it does I feel more terrified. I’m still young and want to accomplish so many things. I guess I have learnt to appreciate and value each second that I’m alive more. I wish to live without as many regrets as possible. 

Some extra Photos

I love Queensland so much, I wish I could live here in this hotel? But if I did I think I would be on holiday forever. Never come back to reality haha


Bought a few Korean cosmetics on Friday, I desperately needed new facemasks because my wonderful mother had stolen mine. (I only packed a few). I decided to try out the whitening tomato produced by ‘Tony Moly’, which so happens to be endorsed by the perfect man; Kim Hyun Joong. I have heard great reviews on this product, and since it was sold out back in Adelaide, It was a must purchase. If you’re wondering how this cutely packaged cream works, well it simply is meant to brighten and whiten your face. Although many products, especially Korean cosmetics seem to have “whitening” creams, gels, etc. The ones that I have tried haven’t seemed to affect my skin tone at all. Perhaps the whitening creams worked for others and my skin tone is only showing negative responses to the ingredients in the products, or it’s just the overall product is only packaging; nothing special. I shall review this product once I have used it a couple of time and post results, or none at all.

I also purchased a package of face and body masks. The bundle included, three facemasks of different sorts, a cutely packaged hair mask (hope it works, my hairs in need of repair), and a foot mask? Or strip? Not too sure on that one. And also a couple of etude house nose strips and under eye patches. Hopefully I will see results with these because it seems I’m hopeless when it comes to cosmetics; I only buy for the cute packaging.

Some Tony Moly whitening creams and toners in a pack. I am excited to try these babies out. Hopefully see results! Also with the purchase I received a gift from Etude House, some aloe Vera creams and body lotions. I love the smell of aloe Vera, it’s calming, soothing and helps relieve tension/stress! Oh, if you’re wondering what the store is called it’s ‘Clio’ and is located on Cavil mall near the Chevron hotel, where I’m staying.

 For lunch we decided to try the all-famous ‘Mos Burger’ that is originated in Japan. It’s similar to Mc Donald’s except the burgers have Japans signature sauces and tastes. I tried the teriyaki chicken burger; only one word can explain the taste of this burger, amazing. It tasted like the usual teriyaki chicken but in bread, it was very delicious. I sincerely hope that they open a Mos Burger in Adelaide soon or I’ll have to travel to the gold coast just for a burger. Actually I think I would its that yummy. Ah I am thinking of the burger right now…. Make me so sad… wish it was in my mouth… 

For dinner we ordered room service, which was a massive pain, since we couldn’t get the phone to dial the number. So we had to use my mobile, which lead to this massive questionnaire of where we were staying. Finally after an hour or so the food arrived, my sister’s and her friend’s food turned out fine, but mine on the other hand was slobbered all over the container. Highly disappointing experience since I went through all of the trouble with the damn operator. 

Finally arrived in Queensland from the hour and forty-five minute flight from Adelaide, I felt as if that plane ride was never going to end. There was an infant aboard sitting adjacent from my domain thus leading our time in mid-flight an unpleasant one. Experiences like these affect my perspective on kids; yes, they are adorable but so far I think I could live without having one.

The weather in Queensland is very humid and sweaty but also can be very dry and hot. Although I highly dislike these conditions, it is a nice change to Adelaide's dull weather in which I spent most days inside. The positive with having weather like this is all the good-looking males walking around topless. I could definitely see myself living here one day, not.
I really loved my room in the hotel, I got a whole double bed to myself and it was positioned facing the city from above. It was a lovely view at nighttime with the bursts of vibrant, colorful lights emerging upon the dark shadows of night. It helped me feel calmer and less deprived from happiness. Hopefully when I buy my first apartment it’ll be just as nice as this one, but with much more room.

Didn’t accomplish much in the past couple of days of being here except shopping. Bought myself a new school bag, a brown leather satchel with a Burberry inspired design on the strap.(I love burberry signature look so suave and nice, wish it wasn't so expensive though) The bag was $50 from Typo, a bit much for an ordinary bag. Also bought new foundation because the BB cream seemed to express a grey tint to my face in the sunlight. Last time I checked, I wasn’t an alien looking for coverage.

On Thursday we visited the “country” town called Tambourine. The scenery was beautiful, filled with glowing green trees and grass; also the weather was perfect. A pleasant change to the hot weather where we were staying. I wished to take many photos but it seemed everywhere I wished to do so, there was always a sign that said the opposite. Luckily I had conjured up a few techniques in which I should have gotten some sneaky photos.

omg so ugly and scary.. What is it? A mushroom face? Looks like that huge blob from star wars … you know which one i'm talking about