The scariest thing in life is change, not death but change. It's funny how the most insignificant aspects of ones life can impact it in such a way to alter ones future. Change is suprisingly always a good thing, not only because if it were non exsistant life would be boring but because it helps shape our futures for the better. It makes us stronger and helps us understand life a tiny portion more.

Anyway, i'm not sure why i am rambling on about complete nonsense which is paceing around my mind. But I guess It's good to write about things I think about. People told me that im such a simple minded girl and I do not think about life much. This is utterly false and it is quite the opposite in fact, I think about it everyday. Maybe not every waken second but atleast everyday. I disguise my pure self because honestly if I acted upon all of my thoughts I would be depressed. I'm happy, I don't care for anyone whom calls me stupid because I know im not. I wish people would stop judging, but then again if there was no judge life would be far different than it is today. I want to marry someone who is blind about physical aspects and appreciates the inner beauty of life and other aspects. I think someone like this could truely exsist, and until the day I meet them. Im waiting. I fall inlove with someone for what they see, not what they say. I should probably quit going on now.

Oh my gosh by the way, I watched the new supernatural season, episode 7. I pray Bobby isn't dead, Oh gosh I pray. The show needs him!

Have a nice day, night, afternoon, morning!

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