This is real, this is me I'm exactly who I want to be now. I feel like I am complete, I am happy. Every day I couldn't ask for more than just waking up and listening to your voice. Every night I want to sleep with you and that is the wish, I wish for. I couldn't be happier to be with you, day by day my heart grows stronger and my knees become weaker, the wall no longer exists and I am happy to say that I am in love with you. Through the fights and the hardships, the doubts and the disappointments, I know our love will overcome all these challenges life gives us. For like you said, we aren't arguing; we are argluing (every time we argue, our love becomes stronger and therefore we are gluing each other together again). You make me so happy, and I never thought that someone could make me feel this way. Our love could be a movie or a drama, our love could make a better film than the notebook. The connection I feel is like something I have never felt before, and I will never feel again. I want to grow old with you and spend every last second of my life with you. I do believe in love. I do believe that soul mates exist, because I have them. I love you my husband, my prince and my life.

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