My passion for medicine

One might say, "I want to proceed my career in medicine because helping people is my passion". Another could also say, "I've wanted to be a doctor since I was able to think independently". These are the most common, obvious reasons as to why people persue medicine. But for me it's different. Lately I have been contemplateing weither or not I should continue this passion for medicine. Is it really something I want to do? All the stress, tears and years of studying in a brutal environment?
I wanted to explore my options besides medicine. I've always known I had a passion for art ever since I was young. But art never inspired me to become an artist, a designer, only for mere hobby. I then decided to research more possible career paths such as, psychology, beauty and theropy and also sports. None of these interested me enough to be able to invision a future career for myself. I found myself back at medicine. visioning myself in the future being a doctor, full on working to my hearts content. I want to be a neurologist, but doctor is the first step. There is nothing more I want to be in life. I want to be a doctor. I don't want to be a designer, psychologist nor a nurse. This is my passion, How do I know? The feeling in my chest I get whenever I think about it. Its like a constant, "you can do this" but without words, it's what pulls me through the fuck load of study requirments, constant stress and the knowing of what Im giving up. Call me crazy, stuck up. I don't care, this is me and what I want to do, and nothing will stop me.

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