Today is the day, that I finally can say that I own a desk! Well, not yet that is. But me and my family are going to Ikea today to purchase one. Preferably a white desk would be nice, Mum suggested either it be white, black or wood. I immediately said white, wood wouldn't match my rooms palette nor would black.
Once I get my lovely desk I can finally start studying hardcore without any interruptions. Oh yes, my current location for studying is either in the on and off again noisy kitchen, or the always constant blabbering of the television in the lounge room. I've tried so many, many times to shut the television off, but it seems my idiotic, inconsiderate sister insists that she can only function if the television is on. Even if shes not watching it she states that  "the television is background music, Im listening at the same time". Yea, yea whatever. I have given up complaining.

Well, Im off to buy my desk now :D So excited!

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  1. take photos of your desk ! And how you organized everything on it ~