Today was my Daddy's 52nd Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! I decided to write in his card: " To Dad, Happy Birthday, it is your 52nd birthday and soon you will be 60, time to shave off that beard!" Ofcourse there is no absolute hope for him shaving but you never know, maybe that card could influence him in some random way. Since my Dad is a un-identical twin, it was also my Uncles birthday so we travelled a whole two and a half gruelling hours to the dead country side. Ok, I will never, ever be a country personal. I would'nt be able to survive without my glorious shopping sprees and the refreshing sound of the train passing by each hour. It's just too quiet for my likeings up there. Im incredibly hungry at this very moment, the "food" <- Notice how it is in quotation marks, was horrid at my Uncles. The chicken was full of salt and not to mention the chips were soggy. So Im off too make a pizza, home-made pizza's are the undenying best.

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