Finally arrived in Queensland from the hour and forty-five minute flight from Adelaide, I felt as if that plane ride was never going to end. There was an infant aboard sitting adjacent from my domain thus leading our time in mid-flight an unpleasant one. Experiences like these affect my perspective on kids; yes, they are adorable but so far I think I could live without having one.

The weather in Queensland is very humid and sweaty but also can be very dry and hot. Although I highly dislike these conditions, it is a nice change to Adelaide's dull weather in which I spent most days inside. The positive with having weather like this is all the good-looking males walking around topless. I could definitely see myself living here one day, not.
I really loved my room in the hotel, I got a whole double bed to myself and it was positioned facing the city from above. It was a lovely view at nighttime with the bursts of vibrant, colorful lights emerging upon the dark shadows of night. It helped me feel calmer and less deprived from happiness. Hopefully when I buy my first apartment it’ll be just as nice as this one, but with much more room.

Didn’t accomplish much in the past couple of days of being here except shopping. Bought myself a new school bag, a brown leather satchel with a Burberry inspired design on the strap.(I love burberry signature look so suave and nice, wish it wasn't so expensive though) The bag was $50 from Typo, a bit much for an ordinary bag. Also bought new foundation because the BB cream seemed to express a grey tint to my face in the sunlight. Last time I checked, I wasn’t an alien looking for coverage.

On Thursday we visited the “country” town called Tambourine. The scenery was beautiful, filled with glowing green trees and grass; also the weather was perfect. A pleasant change to the hot weather where we were staying. I wished to take many photos but it seemed everywhere I wished to do so, there was always a sign that said the opposite. Luckily I had conjured up a few techniques in which I should have gotten some sneaky photos.

omg so ugly and scary.. What is it? A mushroom face? Looks like that huge blob from star wars … you know which one i'm talking about

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  1. I really need some whitening masks, awesome haul have a great trip :)