This post I have decided it to be a massive rant.

I'm not going to mention any names, but there's this girl (whom I used to work with) and she seems to be somewhat into the whole fashion industry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this except the fact she insists that everyone in Adelaide has no style whatsoever. Honestly I have been reading her blog, well checked on it twice and it's a bunch of crap. I have nothing against her but what her perspectives are and the way she showcases it online. Fashion is NOT about having designer or in her case everything possible posted on tumblr items. She clearly states that Adelaide is behind in fashion and that 'majority' of girls have no sense of style and just follow trends. Um, right. Fashion is about freedom of expression, dress how YOU feel comfortable, OR what you wish to wear. Who cares if the style is from 500 centuries ago or 6000606 girls already wear the style, make it work, rock it and whoever complains is just envious.

Some people seem to have stick up there ass, and need someone to take it out kk

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