Tried the green tea Frappuccino at Starbucks today; the taste was somewhat too sweet for my likings; I am more of a savory person. I enjoyed it but I couldn’t drink the entire humongous cup so Daddy had the rest. He quite enjoyed it actually, didn’t think he would. I brought a tumbler from there as well, thought it would keep in handy for winter days at school! Now I can bring hot chocolate or even chicken soup to school. The design was also very appealing another reason why I wanted it, most tumblers seem to have a somewhat tacky or bland coverage.
I didn’t take many photos today because we did not go anywhere special, just the usual shops right under our hotel room.

Here are some extra photos at the "glorious" waterfall near Tambourine. What waterfall? It was dry and it was like little sprinkles of water falling from like two huge rocks.. Nothing really special although there were naked men swimming in the rock pool <3___<3 

Queensland is very scenic, so much too view and do but little time. So far I’ve been having a great time here and most defiantly don’t wish to go back. I guess I’m using this vacation as an escape from the immense stress that will be occurring in my life when I get back. My last year of High school is approaching rapidly, and as it does I feel more terrified. I’m still young and want to accomplish so many things. I guess I have learnt to appreciate and value each second that I’m alive more. I wish to live without as many regrets as possible. 

Some extra Photos

I love Queensland so much, I wish I could live here in this hotel? But if I did I think I would be on holiday forever. Never come back to reality haha

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